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Freelance writer and virtual assistant
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    I recently finished reading The Last Night: Antiwork, Atheism and Adventure by Federico Campagna. The interesting title and fact it’s published by Zero Books attracted me to it. It is rather short and does tend to digress away from the...

    The post Anti-work, Atheism, Adventure appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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      The holidays are a hectic period for many people. But the higher than usual levels of social and sensory stimulation can make them especially challenging for highly sensitive introverts. Though it can sometimes be challenging, ultimately Christmas is here...

    The post A Highly Sensitive Introvert’s Guide to Enjoying the Holidays appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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      It’s the new year, and many people around the world have made resolutions encapsulating ways they’d like their lives to improve over the next few months. Setting goals and habits is all well and good, except that most resolutions...

    The post Could lowering your expectations make you happier? appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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  • 01/25/16--10:27: Book review series
  • I’m starting a new series of blog posts which will consist of me reviewing some of the best books I’ve recently read. I got into reading non-fiction on a pretty regular basis a couple of years ago and I’m now in the habit...

    The post Book review series appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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      So I’m breaking the main rule that I set myself for doing book reviews on the every first one. I said in the introductory post that I’d note just the top 10 ideas in the book. But this book – Everything...

    The post Everything I Know, Paul Jarvis appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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    Travel is often painted as an extrovert’s dream, yet many introverts feel strongly drawn to exploring the world beyond their doorstep. There are also many ways in which travel lends itself especially well to an introverted mindset. But this isn’t...

    The post Top tips for introverted travellers appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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    To travel alone or with others is perhaps the one variable that can make the biggest difference to your trip. You can be in the same place, under the same circumstances, doing the same things, but have two totally different experiences...

    The post Should you travel alone or with others? appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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  • 03/09/16--07:25: Show your work!
  •   Here are my top 10 takeaways from reading Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon Don’t be afraid to create your own work In terms of media, art and content, most of us are consumers before producers. But the gap...

    The post Show your work! appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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      Here are the best ideas I extracted when reading Pico Iyer’s TED book on the art of stillness. You can learn more about the art of stillness here. I’d also recommend watching the associated TED talk.    Stillness has never been...

    The post The Art of Stillness, by Pico Iyer appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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  • 07/24/17--01:42: Introduction to the blog
  •   Welcome to the Autstanding blog, the place where understanding autism and autism understanding come together!   After first coming across the concept of autism just a couple of years ago and then receiving a diagnosis in July 2016, I’ve...

    The post Introduction to the blog appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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    It’s exactly one year to this day since I received my autism diagnosis (and about two and a half years since I first properly came across the concept of autism/Asperger’s Syndrome). In honour of this milestone, I’m kicking things off...

    The post Autism discovery & diagnosis series appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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  • 07/31/17--01:17: Discovering autism
  •   In this post (and the next) I discuss the pre-diagnosis circumstances leading me to: a) first come across the concept of autism/Asperger’s Syndrome (in any meaningful detail, and beyond the stereotypical representations which aren’t necessarily that helpful) b) come...

    The post Discovering autism appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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  • 08/09/17--02:55: Discovering an Autistic Self
  •   This is a follow-up from my previous post, “Discovering Autism”. It continues the discussion around how I gradually came to the realisation I might be autistic. Then it provides some more general information that might help others who are...

    The post Discovering an Autistic Self appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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      There are many different paths to arriving at a professional autism diagnosis. Some people are already convinced of their autistic identity, and seeking a diagnosis is simply to validate and confirm what they pretty much already know about themselves....

    The post Seeking a professional autism diagnosis appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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      In this post I’ll be discussing the period leading up to my diagnostic appointment – how I prepared in practical terms, some thoughts about how I was feeling, along with a few tips about the process more generally. Some...

    The post Preparing for a diagnostic assessment appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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  • 09/09/17--03:14: Autism diagnostic assessment
  •   The day of my autism diagnostic assessment was to be one of the most important days of my life, and I knew it. I knew that it could potentially change things forever and I had a million thoughts and...

    The post Autism diagnostic assessment appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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    I could write an entire book about the impact of receiving an autism diagnosis, detailing both my personal experience alongside more general reflections on the process. But I’m really going to try to condense things down (or I’ll be here...

    The post Post-diagnosis: the immediate aftermath appeared first on Sian Atkins.

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